100 Weekends: Episode 1 – Al Karama Dubai

Presenting, the first episode of my video blog series called 100 Weekends! Yipeeedooodles!

(Know more about 100 Weekends Project Vlog Series)

The best way to start a weekend escapade on a budget project is by going to a place where you can definitely stretch the money in your pocket. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen Al Karama as our first destination… and I think we did well with our 100 dirhams budget ( a lot of food).

Karama is a favorite spot for a lot of bloggers in terms of exploring diverse kinds of food. When you watch this episode, you’ll now what I am talking about.

I have featured some top fooddie places in my blog before. Check it out : KARAMA HIDDEN GEMS

Although I still feel awkward talking in front of the camera, I can say that I enjoyed doing this project. Specially meeting the people in the neighborhood. (Tip: Having a video camera following you always helps in engaging with the community! hahaha). At the end of the video, you will see me become more talkative which was good as I don’t need to do more voice overs ^^!

As I mentioned, we’ve done a lot of things for this first episode, considering we have a budget of just 100 dirhams.  Here are the places we went to:

1st Stop: Mr. Chaat 

Location: Opposite BurJuman Centre, Al Karama, Dubai

Tel: 04 3707370 / 04 3707040

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2nd Stop: Bright Moon Cafeteria

Location: Opposite Burjuman, Al Karama, Dubai

Tel: 04 3966652 / 050 4788592

Zomato Reviews

3rd Stop: Al Attar Centre

Loction: Kuwait Rd. Al Karama, Dubai, Near Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel

4th Stop: Yalla Momos

Location: Behind Park Regis Hotel, Opposite Bikanerwala, Al Karama, Dubai

Tel: 04 3852233

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5th Stop: Betawi

Location: Behind Park Regis Hotel,  Al Karama, Dubai

Tel: 056 7598118

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6th and Final Stop: Raju Omelet

Location: Behind Park Regis Hotel,  Al Karama, Dubai

Tel: 04 3885522

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Hope that you will enjoy this episode the way (or even more than) we enjoyed making it. Let me know what you think about it (any comment is welcome, but not too harsh ok? haha)!  Have you been to Karama before? What are the things you like about it? What other places and activities can you recommend?

If you want to be part of this Video Blog Series, please send us your suggestions on where to spend 100 dirhams on a weekend! You can comment in this blog, in Youtube or simply send me an email at kennethsurat@gmail.com.

Have a great week and of course an adventure filled WEEKEND!



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