My 3 Months Backpacking Trip Around Latin America


WHEW 3 months! It felt short but at the same time felt as if I have done so many things and I needed a vacation from vacation (hahaha) . The feeling is bittersweet. BUT I CAN SAY IT MADE ME EXCITED TO GO BACK HOME AND START CREATING MORE TRAVEL CONTENTS FOR YOU GUYS! Latin America was a dream for years. I thought after leaving my life in Dubai I will never be able to travel to this part of the world. Now living in the Philippines, traveling west (like far west) is a bit challenging. Aside from the long flights, it is a bit expensive compared to backpacking around Southeast Asia or Asia in general. This year though, after a major health scare (got a surgery back in 2018) I told myself that it is time to turn my dreams to reality. WORK HARD…PLAY HARDER haha.

Latin America is huge so 3-months is not really enough to experience everything, so I planned to divide it into 2 big backpacking trips. For this leg (let us call it PART1), I visited 4 countries in total spending almost 2 months in Mexico and Peru and split the remaining days in Colombia and Cuba (I had a few days in the US also…more of that in a different vlog).

I spent most of my travel days with some of my good travel blogger/vlogger friends Trisha (@psimonmyway), Ave (@avelovin) and Raphael (@journeywonders) which made creating travel contents easier haha.

Can I say that this trip changed me? I feel the same but part of my heart is scattered to many people from around the globe. Hoping that our small interactions created an impact on their lives the same way that it did with mine. Now time to move on, time to improve oneself and use the tools I learned to be a better person, more understanding, more loving, more generous, more respectful and a person who celebrates and appreciates small victories.

Life is a series of learning, though textbooks and schools will give you fundamentals, people and experiences will train you to be your own superhero. Follow me on Instagram @kennethsurat Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

SHOUT OUT to @journeywonders and @danastours for all the drone shots used in this video-round-up.

Also thanks to:

@dueter_ph (for my carry-on bag)

@travelwifi (keeping me online during my whole trip)

@danastours (for our sacred valley trip in Peru)

@stanleybrandph (for my travel mug)

@peruhop (our transport all around Peru)

@kokopellihostels (for our accommodation in Lima and Paracas)


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