Hurraaaay! Here’s a Look at How I Spent 365 days of FunEmployment

1 year!!!! It is 1 year already since I left Dubai!

Looking back at the last 365 days, I can’t believe how fast it went by at the same time how it became the most amazing year so far (in terms of experiences).

35 flights, 13 countries, 3 continents, countless cities and tons and tons of awesome new friends, this is how my 2016 unfolded. (plus I got to tour around my beautiful country–THE PHILIPPINES!)

Now let’s see how 2017 will look like. Welcoming a new season and hopefully lots of new adventures!

Please check out the video above, it is 365 days in the making (and 3 days worth of editing and rummaging all my hard drives and usbs haha-).

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Cheers and travel on!



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