Jakarta Vlog 03: Touring around Old Town Jakarta (things to do for 1 full day in the city)

The final installment of my 3-Vlog series around Jakarta with AirAsia Filipino.

For our last day, we toured around Old Town Jakarta (Kota Tua Jakarta) where you can still see 17th century structures built during the Dutch’s occupation. Think of it as Jakarta’s version of the Intramuros (in Manila).

If you have a day to visit the city and want to know more about Jakarta’s colonial history, this place is a good destination to kickstart your trip.

Here are the places we visited.

1. Museum Bank Indonesia

2. Museum Wayang

3. Jakarta History Museum

For food options try getting lunch at Cafe Batavia which is located at the square’s 2nd oldest building. For dinner, Warung MJS (not in old town) is also a good option if you want try traditional Indonesian food (and you like them spicy).

It was a day full packed of activities (it was hard to squeeze everything w/in a span of 8 min).

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