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I am passionate about traveling and chasing different kinds of adventures. Well, these are the things most travel bloggers are saying in their ‘About Me’ page. In fact, I thought of writing the same. In my tumblr account, I have this description until now. I decided not to put the same descriptions here. So what should I tell you about myself?

I was tempted to copy paste all my Friendster testimonials here. Sadly the very first social media website is not working anymore. I am sure you are not interested on what I am doing at work (I am an architect), and you don’t want to know where I graduated nor where I was born… Some of the things that I can tell you are: I love to tell STORIES and I like to EAT..I eat a LOT. That is why almost 50% of my blogs are about food haha.

I know that I am not the best travel blogger out there. I am not a perfect writer. Every now and then my grammar will fail me (hence the overflowing photos :P). Just like you, I read a lot of travel magazines, blogs and dream about them most of the time. As much as I can, I collect inspirations that will push me to book a ticket and become ‘The Story Teller’.

Recently (while writing this about me entry) a friend of mine posted photos of her trip in Iceland, it was torture (part of me hates looking at them but a big chunk of me just want to stare and tell myself that I will go to this place)…Next thing you know, I have a ticket going to Iceland…Well, not now but soon 😛

Kenneth Surat Biking In Kyrgyzstan travel bloggoer

Biking In Kyrgyzstan

I can say that I have been to a lot of places. However compared to the things that the world can offer, I still have a lot of pavements to walk on, food to sink my mouth into, mountains to conquer, beaches to surf, landmarks to take a selfie with and people to meet. At this point, there is no turning back and I plan to keep on going until my feet are sore and my body can’t take it anymore.

I don’t know what I am writing anymore, but because it is the ‘About Me’ page, I guess I can write anything ^^. If you stumble upon, and I hope you will (yes you will if you click this link www.suratjournals.com), I am also the owner of the Surat Journals and the ‘imaginator’ (haha big word) of #TheTravelingJournalProject. Please take time to look at them, and if you like them—please order as well, or not..or yes…but mainly yes and you can be part of our growing family—seriously, we are growing. ( you can also follow us in instagram: www.instagram.com/thetravelingjournalproject and www.instagram.com/suratjournals).

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the traveling journal project

I think being almost in the last paragraph of this page, I need to be a little serious. This blog site is a peek into my life. A door that I am willingly welcoming everyone to come in, that I may share my experiences with you.

If you want to reach me and have an idea to you want to collaborate or just want to say ‘Hi’, simply click on to my Contact Me page and I will surely take time to reply (as long as I have internet access :P)

Enjoy reading, be inspired and also leave a comment —yes you can comment ^^.

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Gondoleris In Venice