Decor Vlog: Decorating a Brooklyn Inspired Bachelor Pad

One of my passions aside from craft and traveling is decoration.  As promised, I will start posting decoration projects in my youtube channel to inspire you guys in decorating your own spaces.

For my first decor vlog, I’ll be showing you a condominium studio that I transformed into a Brooklyn Loft themed apartment.

bachelor pad brooklyn inspired condo

One of the key features in the apartment is a bricked accent wall. I used veneer bricks to do the trick. But because of restrictions in the condo, we can only stick it using construction glue. Though very challenging, it actually works. One of the challenges to take note is the grouting application. It isn’t as easy as a ceramic tile. You can check out my youtube vlog to see what I used in the grouting application.

bachelor pad brooklyn inspired condo

One of the things that I also like with this project is that I had the opportunity to create furniture from scratch. I made this ladder shelves from plywood. I am definitely a newbie in creating furniture like this, so I have done a lot of research and had my fair share of trial and errors…and success.

bachelor pad brooklyn inspired condo

bachelor pad brooklyn inspired condo

I think by the end of it, we have achieved our plant to transform this flat into a cools, artsy bachelor pad. I wouldnt mind staying here to be honest.

I really enjoyed this project. To know more how on how I transformed this condo, you can check out the video above to watch the full decoration process.

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