Event Blog: Doña Elena Presents Origen Flamenco Show

Last night, I had an opportunity to watch a flamenco show being performed by a famed Spanish dance group called Origen. It was at the Power Mac Center Spotlight, Circuit Makati. This event was presented by Doña Elena, the Philippines leading brand for Mediterranean products.

Dona Elena Event Origen Flamenco Spain Spanish Dance Travel Vlog Blog

Dona Elena Event Origen Flamenco Spain Spanish Dance Travel Vlog Blog

I seldom attend events in the Philippines (as traffic is very stressful) so, if have to attend, it should be worth it. My friend who invited me said only two words before I replied yes, TAPAS and FLAMENCO.

I have been to Barcelona  before and I always crave for an authentic Spanish cuisine ever since I went back to the Philippines (and tapas and paella negra are on top of my list).

Dona Elena Event Origen Flamenco Spain Spanish Dance Travel Vlog Blog

Some Spanish inspired tapas made from Doña Elena products

This exclusive event showcased Doña Elena’s Spanish Heritage. From food (cheers to tapas) and the lively performances.

I really enjoyed the show. The dances were so intense, that the audiences’ eyes were just transfixed on the performers. According to the organizers, the performances were inspired by the music of the legendary Paco de Lucia, a Spanish virtuoso flamenco guitarist, composer and producer.

Watch my vlog below: (also don’t forget to subscribe in my youtube channel)

With all the countries I have been to, I always enjoyed watching cultural dances, there is something about these performances that speaks to you. Even if you are from a different heritage, you can still feel connected.

So happy that I have watched this! :). Origen promised to come back to the Philippines later this year, I’ll keep you guys posted.

This event was in collaboration with Doña Elena Mediterranean Products. Check out their fb and IG at @donaelenacuisineraclub. Here are the official hashtags for the event: #OrigenFlamenco #DonaElenaFlamencoShow

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  1. This sounds like an amazing night. We’ve never been to Spain but have Spanish friends who’ve always wanted to start a tapas cafe and have samples some authentic fare at their place. Needless to say, we became instant fans and know what you’re talking about.

  2. Very nice. How was it? i saw flamenco dancing in Spain and Cuba and it was insanely enjoyable 🙂 no idea Dubai had this sort of stuff, thanks for the share and information 🙂

  3. Flamence is an enticing dance form. I get curious about it whenever i hear about it. I always wished to learn more about it. Thanks for giving me this opportunity through your post.

  4. Sandy N Vyjay

    I have never watched Flamenco live, it must indeed be a fascinating experience. I have watched it only in films and found it a really flamboyant dance style. There is so much passion and energy in the dance which is so typically Spanish. Love the dance and hope to catch it live someday.

  5. Cultural dances are indeed a delight to watch. And most of them have some stories depiction which helps you understand the culture better. This one looks very interesting and captivating. I would like to witness a show when in Spain

  6. I guess since Spain has such a tremendous influence on the Philippines, you guys get to watch a lot of Spanish performances. Is Flamenco derived from Flaming, the famous bird with long legs? Please tell me about the origin of this dance form and the storylines involved.

  7. Indrani

    That is good you got to see Flamenco in Philippines! I saw it in Seville in Spain. Mesmerizing grace! I wish they have the show here in Bangalore.

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