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We Found SALT & Sugar at Kite Beach Dubai

For the last couple of days, I have seen posts in Instagram showing this amazing food truck concept called SALT. Their tagline is #FindSalt which really made me curious and wanted to look for it. Curiosity got the best of me and last Thursday along with a friend, we headed to Kite Beach (Dubai) to find this sought after food truck. As I posted Instagram photos of our food trip, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions on how to go there, what to find and if it was good?

That is why I thought of blogging about it.

Kite beach has been known as one of those resident beaches in Dubai. Expatriates like us often find our way in one of these beaches to chill, do some friendly water sports (and beach volley) or just enjoy watching the sun sets. I must say, a perfect location for any food venture.

Kite beach Find Salt Food Truck Blog MyDubai Dubai


Approaching the parking area, we immediately see a big SALT signage on top of a trailer. We went there in the evening and believe me you will never miss it. We were so amazed how long the line was and almost 80% were Arab locals.

While waiting in line, we I started taking snaps and sharing it in Instagram, and apparently almost everyone was doing that. There were mobile phones everywhere, taking photos of every corner and some occasional selfies.

Kite beach Find Salt Food Truck Blog MyDubai Dubai

Happy Salters

Kite beach Find Salt Food Truck Blog MyDubai Dubai

The line was full packed the whole night

As we were getting closer, a staff approached us and helped us decide what to order. We took X2 Hook sliders (35 dhs for a single patty) and X2 Cheetos Chicken sliders (40 dhs). Because all their burger sliders come in two, it was perfect for me and my friend to taste both.

Check out their full menu below:

Kite beach Find Salt Food Truck Blog MyDubai Dubai

Menu Goodness

Kite beach Find Salt Food Truck Blog MyDubai Dubai


I must say, after tasting both burgers, the long line was worth it. The butter bun was perfect. It made the taste of the patties stand out. Because they are just sliders, after a couple of bites they were gone. I felt bad after cause I want more, but it was a bit pricey and we came there on a budget mission (more of this in a another blog).

We were very happy with this find surely we found one of the best burgers in Dubai!

With the weather starting to become al fresco friendly, we thought of walking along the beach and check what other things we can find in this beach. To our surprise, there were 2 other interesting food stalls that we discovered.

Holland Mini Pancakes Kite Beach MyDubai Dubai

Holland House Mini Pancakes

First was Holland House Mini Pancakes. My friend went gaga about this. She just came from a trip to Amsterdam and she told me that she was craving for this for the past few days. Well, we both agreed that tasting this was worth busting our budget. 20 dhs for a 10 pcs of mini pancakes (+5dhs for Nutella toppings), is not bad. Surely people with a sweet tooth will find this a delight… for sure I did.

Holland Mini Pancakes Kite Beach MyDubai Dubai


Holland Mini Pancakes Kite Beach MyDubai Dubai

I want to have my own mini pancake machine!

Holland Mini Pancakes Kite Beach MyDubai Dubai

There’s no such thing as too much Nutella!

Beside Holland House Mini Pancakes is a stall called Ice Cup. Although we didn’t try it, we tried to observe what they are offering. It looks like a big mug made of…you guess it right…ICE! I can imagine this being a hit during the scorching Dubai Summer.

Ice Cup Kite Beach MyDubai Dubai

Ice Cup

I love how our night turned out. Being away from the mall on a busy Thursday evening was somewhat very refreshing. With summer weather waving good bye, Kite Beach is surely one of the must visit places in the sand pit.


To know more about them, check out and follow their Instagram accounts.


Instagram: @findsalt

Operating Hours: 12nn-9pm

Holland House Mini Pancakes

Intagram: @HollandMiniPancakes

Operating Hours: 2pm-10pm

Ice Cup

Instagram: @IceCup-UAE

Operating Hours: No Info (TBC)

Kite Beach Location Map

Kite Beach Dubai Location Map

Kite Beach Dubai Location Map

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