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It is human nature to explore and discover things. This is one of the reasons why we see people who constantly push themselves to conquer (almost) every peak possible for mankind to step on.

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I am happy to announce that #iKENexplore and Deuter PH partnered to inspire everyone to keep on moving, keep on discovering and keep on fueling that wanderlust.

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Why go for an adventure? This is the question we want to ask you. Let us know why at the comment section below and together with Deuter Philippines, as part of my birthday giveaway (yey), we will be choosing one winner to receive a Deuter Roadway.

This giveaway is only open to those who are in the UAE and the Philippines.Β 

Also, follow both our Instagram pages @kennethsurat and @deuter_ph.

We will be announcing the winner on the 17th of February 2017.


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35 Responses

  1. A man is not a man if he has not gone on and went into an adventure. It is through reaching your hand out as a child that you learned what it is like to exist in the world. Now, imagine what a dozen steps can do.

    Although it is definitive that an adventure is an enlightening experience, faith also holds a certain power over it. The sun might shine, the rain might fall, the cab might not be there to pick you up in the airport: but that is what makes it more thrilling.

    And so,to sum it up my dear friend, I will go on into an adventure for I wish to know the unknown, see the unseen, hear the unheard of, and enjoy every basking moment of life as it is given by God. I do hope you join me in this remarkable adventure we call life.

  2. Going for an adventure isn’t just unleashing the inner beast in you, not just proving to everyone how man or how woman you are but it is experiencing more and letting people know every detail of how to be more of a human.

    Going on an adventure is not just an easy thing to do. It is also how you deal with life. It is being with what life really is. It teaches us the lesson of failure if we fail – though failures are benefecial because it can provide us millions of motivation just like our parents. It wounds us for us to be strong. It makes us more of a human if we succeed.

    Going on an adventure is not just experiencing the luxury of life, but it is living the life we have with mother nature.

    To summarize, going on an adventure is living life, appreciating life and sharing life with mother nature. #AdventureIsLife

  3. We are never too young or too old to create our own adventure.

    Adventure, like anything else in life, should be an exploration, a journey to unkown possiblity of life has to offer, and like most exciting travels, it takes to live the life our dreams. Thus, it opens our mind to new perspectives of life, it engages us to culture and tradition, it creates an awareness for environment, and lastly, it makes us better person.

    Whatever age we have, as long as we have the inner wanderlust to go to an adventure, then together, let us step into greater horizons and pursue every single flighty temptress, adventure.

    1. Totally agree to this one: it opens our mind to new perspectives of life, it engages us to culture and tradition, it creates an awareness for environment, and lastly, it makes us better person.

      Amazing! Keep on exploring! Good luck also!

  4. richelle lea dayaday

    a simple trip to the grocery store is already an adventure in the eyes of a child, but then time changes we grow up and start to think its a mundane routine and then thought extreme sports could define an adventure, you say.
    in reality, adventure is living your life! no matter, how simple it is. staying here, gaining knowledge in every opportunity we have is an adventure we sure don’t want to miss!

  5. Jefel

    Adventure enriches our soul, uplifts our spirit, expands our horizon and brings us genuine happiness that material possession cannot provide. It connects you with your true self, with other people and with the world.

    With adventure, you do not only get to “enjoy the moment” but you will be able to gain memories and experiences that you can bring as you tread this so-called life.

    1. Nice jefel!! thanks for the inspiring quote there!

      “With adventure, you do not only get to β€œenjoy the moment” but you will be able to gain memories and experiences that you can bring as you tread this so-called life.”

      Love love love it!

  6. Why go for an adventure? Thank you for this question.
    I would like to go for an adventure to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently beautiful with a heart.
    Thank you

  7. I grew up being a nerd, introvert and almost lived my life in the four corners of my room which made my body physically unfit and my soul being empty. I dedicated my life with studies, achievement and competition. However, as I was introduced to the word “Adventure” and started living it, I was gradually transformed into someone who is out going, adrenaline-seeker, pro-environment, friendly, physically active and it was recreating me making me thankful and happy. With the extreme activities an adventure offer, I learned more about perseverance, courage, team work and satisfaction. Though I am still my way of rediscovering myself, I’m pretty sure that adventures can help me lead to the path being destined to me. Nothing beats with being one with nature while having fun in an adventure. Way to go for another year of exciting journey!

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  9. Lizzy Baclig

    You Only Live Once as many would say. So what better way to start living than to explore, discover and make memories. Escape the ordinary and be on to more adventures. The world is too beautiful; so let us wander and enjoy the view always.

  10. Renzo Ocampo

    Adventure is a significant part of oneself which improves not only personal development but also socially. From these experiences we learn different things and we continue to grow as a person and as a responsible individual as well. Every time the adventure ends you wont see the results right away but as the time passes through the results will reveal itself positively.

    I think adventure as a new chance and opportunity to go ahead and get success or experiences through failure. I suppose that every adventure may put my life in danger and it may be a big risk to a great extent, however, i also believe on blessings of success. Well, for me a person who desire to change cant evolve into a completely different individual if he or she dont take big risk. People may get affected physically, mentally, financially, psychologically and intellectually while overcoming this adventurous activities but they become used to of taking risks.

    So go live your life taking BIG risk and keep faith on what you believe in.

    1. Chloe Jane Del Rosario

      I couldn’t agree more on your statement… πŸ‘πŸ‘
      you hit the main points of the essence of adventuring. great job!!

  11. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary as lovers. We have been in love with each other since 2007. We got married last 2013. Part of our goals as a couple is to experience life at its best together. Recently he told me that his anniversary gift for me is a trip to Cagayan De Oro. This is our first out of town and I am excited. I believe that going on adventures for couples is highly recommended. This way you can have quality time and add more wonderful memories. This also helps on rejuvenating and recharging your spirit and mind. Exposure to nature and activities helps improve oneself personality and perspective in life. Happy birthday Ken! God bless you and more adventures for you in the years to come.

  12. Adventure is about having fun even in the simplest ways! Going to ukay ukays, sourcing for vintage finds, going to a bookstore or even just “muni-muni walking” along Roxas Boulevard are considered as adventures πŸ™‚

    As cliche as it may sound, we go for an adventure for us to “feed our soul” But the most important part of an adventure is for YOU TO HAVE FUN πŸ™‚

  13. Paul Vincent Rivera

    you spend but makes you rich in return, rich beyond what is tangible and measurable. The more you explore and reach farther places the more the world becomes larger in your eyes, and the more you become smaller. Travelling promotes camaraderie and independence. When you are in a group, you learn to be cooperative. When you are on your own, you learn to be decisive. Travelling makes you appreciate small things and life itself. As they say, it makes you speechless, then it turns you to a story teller. You are born to explore, not just by books but by personal experience.

  14. Grabe more than 30 seconds ang mga answers nila bes! Ang hirap labanan.

    Sa love, ang hirap hirap na nga makipaglaban ng pwesto sa puso nya, pati ba naman sa pagkakaroon ng backpack! Punong-puno ng competition sa mundo, hindi sapat ang “pwede na” “kailangan ginagalingan rin”! hahaha

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