impulse buying and a lot of FAITH

It seemed as if everything happened so fast ( but believe me it was not). It was almost 3 months now since my BIG FRANCE-SPAIN-ITALY backpacking trip, i cant believe it— i don’t want it to be removed in my memory..i will share stories on my travel in future blog posts.— For the mean time i just want to share how it all started…. as the tittle suggested, It all started with an impulse buying! YES!!

I was walking by the mall and passed  by a north face shop and saw that it was on sale! didnt have any second thought..i entered confidently and fixed my mind that i will leave the shop with a back pack on my shoulders, what for?? hmmm..i still dont know, during that time all i knew was, i was drooling for this bag for ages (since college to be exact) and now that i have some money and it was on sale, I NEED TO BUY THEM!!…

Once i paid for it..it started to linger in my mind that it was an expensive bag, urgh.. as i left the store, on my way home i laid my hands on the bag and did a declaration!!!.. I WILL USE THIS BAG THIS YEAR!! THIS BAG WILL BECOME DIRTY AND FULL OF SCRATCHES FROM TRAVELING THE WORLD!!

…and YES by FAITH it did!!!



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