Juggling The Dubai Marina Street Festival

Looking for some interesting and dynamically infused crowd for a friend’s photography project, our feet was drawn towards the Promenade at the Marina Mall last 21st of March. We saw an advert of the street festival and we thought of checking it out.

It was the 3rd installment of the said event, and I missed the first 2, so I tagged along with my friend when she invited me to come.

I think, because it was the first night, the whole marina neighborhood went and marveled with the different acts of the night. I caught 2 acts a funny juggler and another juggler with a death defying act of juggling knives and a running chainsaw (crazy).




The extreme juggler. He was a bit all over the place, but we enjoyed anyway. He asked me to volunteer to help him on his tall unicycle.


It was a fun night, felt like we are in one of the streets in London. There were a lot of kids and family (with kids). Who says Dubai is all work and we are not having fun?

Here is a video promo of the Dubai Marina Street Fair c/o Dolphine Creative:



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