Malaysia VLOG: Human Drone! Flying Above Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Who would have thought that my short trip around Malaysia will give me an opportunity to see its capital from above. Yheap like a human drone.

Thanks to Ascend Skytours and About KL  for the opportunity. Seeing Malaysia’s concrete jungle (aka KL) from this perspective is so amazing….and you can do too.

Ascend Skytours offers several packages for you to explore Kuala Lumpur on high.

1. KL Express : 6 minutes Heli Ride which will take you around KL’s majestic city center.

2. City Explorer: 15 minutes Heli Ride. Will take you around greater KL and the Batu Caves.

3. Jungle Escape: 30 minutes Heli Ride. Will take you away from the concrete jungle and take you over the magnificent forest and sparkling lakes (wow).

4. Mountain View: 45 minutes Heli Ride. Taking you on an ultimate indulgence to see KL’s skyline and the rolling hills of Genting Highlands.

The best part of it is that you can tag along 2 of your friends (and share the cost haha). Not bad!

To know more about Ascend Skytours and all its offerings check out my Malaysia Travelogue HERE.


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