My Paris Fashion Emergency

As what I have mentioned in my previous travel blog (click here), my luggage was declared missing during my arrival in Paris. After waiting for 3 days, I decided that it was about time for me to move on and buy new clothes to wear ( I still have a lot of days left for my “back packing trip” and I don’t want to spend them wearing the same khaki shorts and souvenir shirts).¬†


I walked along the street of Champs Elysees and found an H&M shop! PERFECT! I love H&M! I love how their clothes perfectly fit my asian built (not to mention very affordable), that is why it was a no brainer that this should be the first shop where I will get my new ensembles for this trip.



The first thing I looked for was a blazer (and a scarf to follow), although it was summer, Paris weather was still very cold for me in the evening.I also grabbed a few colored skinny pants, a couple of T-shirts and checkered slim fit shirts, sets of underwear and lastly I bought a leather bag so I can use it as an alternative to the one I lost in the airport.

I love what I bought and from the looks of it, there was no need for me to look for another shop! I completed my whole outfit for the whole trip! Thanks to H&M! ….NOW I AM REALLY READY TO HIT PARIS!



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