#MyMarianasPH: Saipan Vlog

Pristine beach beaches, perfect diving spots, luau parties and Japanese food? What more can you ask for? This is the Northern Marianas Islands.


I had a chance to explore the island of Saipan (part of the Northern Mariana Islands) in collaboration with The Poor Traveler (www.thepoortraveler.net), Blogapalooza and The Marianas Visitors Authority.

It was an amazing experience. Full of adrenaline rush and ‘Island feels’. This is the closest I have been to experience the Pacific Island Life (Marianas Islands are part of Micronesia). Yes MOANA levels!

If you are planning to visit Saipan, Philippine Airlines are now offering direct flight from Manila to Saipan. Also, there are a lot of Filipinos there so you’ll immediately feel at home.

Check out an article I wrote for The Poor Traveler, highlighting some of the ‘spectacular’ things you can experience in SAIPAN.


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