Interior decoration design studio condominium for students


In the recent years, we’ve seen a sudden boom in student condominiums. If you look at universities around Metro Manila, you’ll find a number of condominiums from popular developers dominating the skyline.

Investing in student condominiums is becoming a huge real estate industry. I know a number of OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) friends who grabbed the opportunity to invest on condominiums like this and have it rented out to students in the nearby university/ies.

One of the reasons I think why students (and parents) invest in condominiums whether purchasing as their own or just renting is the crazy traffic situation in the city. I mean, you can easily lose minimum of 2 hours just to commute to and from your university ( not to mention the increasing Grab charges).

Watch project vlog here:

Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
there are high demands for student condominiums w/in Metro Manila

As condominiums like this serves as an extension of their classrooms, most students (and again parents) want their condos to be comfortable at the same time functional in order for them to also be productive with school work at home.

There should be a good balance of STUDY + REST spaces.

For this particular project, the condominium will be offered for rental to 2 students. The only brief I got is to make it beautiful and attractive to future tenants and to include a lot of storage options.

I was given the freedom to choose a theme and mood that I want.

Since students are very trendy and everything is about the “gram”, I chose what is “IN” right now in terms for decor.

Based on experience, there are 2 themes that can easily attract students to lease a unit (aside from the price of rental fee of course).

One popular decor theme is INDUSTRIAL. Think about coffee shops! Students love the cafe feel. This is also a very easy option as finishes doesn’t require that much care.

Industrial Themed Studio we previously decorated (CHECK OUT YOUTUBE LINK BELOW)

(I decorated an industrial theme condo before. Check out this link)

The other option is SCANDINAVIAN. I can say that I am a master of Scandinavian theme interiors (self-proclaimed haha). I love this theme. Clean, simple, easy to the eyes and very budget friendly.

For this condo, I chose Scandinavian as a theme. YAY. hahaha High Five to self!

This condo unit is a studio with a sliding glass partition, creating an illusion that it is a 1 bedroom flat. I like that we didn’t need to think of a sort of additional partition to divide the space.

Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
added doors to existing overhead kitchen cabinets
Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
the kitchen is a good place to add storage units in small condominiums

The kitchen also got enough space for additional storage cabinets and will fit a dining table for 2 perfectly.

We decided to add a utility cabinet to store cleaning materials and tools such as a broom and a vacuum cleaner. With the absence of a balcony (where people usually store these stuff), brooms and mops are a pain to store, they normally end up as a clutter or will be placed in the toilet.

We also added doors to the existing kitchen overhead cabinets. It always puzzles me why a lot of condominiums provide overhead cabinets without doors. like WHY?

The dining table we chose is a folding table from IKEA. Instead of a normal dining chair, we opted for a stackable one from Furniture Source. It is similar to IKEA’s Frosta stools We love the idea that by simply using flexible items, there is always a room for the space to be transformed.

Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
matte ceramics create a clean minimalistic look

(read where you can get IKEA products in the Philippines here)

When the table is folded, the area can be used as a welcome/reception area for guests. Of course you don’t want guests to go straight to the bedroom right?

Now let’s got to the bedroom.

As mentioned, the area is divided by a clear glass sliding door. For privacy we installed black out roll up blind.

This room is divided into 2. The bedroom and the study area.

Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
if you have enough space, separate single beds can create equal space divisions to tenants who are sharing a room
Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
neutral light colored sheets can make the space look bigger

Normally for student dormitory projects like this, we use double decker beds in order for us to win some space. But we got enough space to suggest 2 separate single beds instead. We had to let go of the idea of creating a lounge area to achieve this option though, but we really don’t need one, so 2 BEDS IT IS!!!

(I also love the idea that by giving them the same beds, we’ll be providing a perfectly equal spaces for the future tenants, no one will argue who will be on the top bunk or bottom….We always have issues like this in hostel dorms haha..so this idea was based on experience and past pain haha ).

For the study area, at first I designed a desk with legs on both side, but to give an illusion of “more space” we decided to change it to a floating desk. This also added to the minimalism look and creates cleaner lines (aesthetic wise).

Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
of course as much as possible keep desks free of clutter (if that is even possible haha)
Interior decoration design studio condominium for students

We added floating shelves to complement the “floating” desk. And mounted as well a 32 inches TV for Netflix and movie nights! Yheap student need NETFLIX!

Storage is also a big factor in decorating the space. Creating a large built in closet is a given already. This includes a large hanging closet, adjustable shelves and an overhead cabinet to store luggages and clutters that are not really to be thrown to the trash yet (I got so many of these in my storage cabinet haha).

Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
keeping everything monochrome
Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
build in closet creates a uniform design element compared to store bought and offers a lot of extra storage space
Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
overhead cabinet serves as an addition bookcase

We also installed an overhead cabinet with sliding door to act as a display bookcase and also to hide more clutter (hence the sliding door).

Aside from these, we also provided 2 bedside drawers, drawers on the floating desk, an overhead cabinet in the toilet and additional pantry shelves in the kitchen. Needless to say that we got more than enough storage spaces.

Did I mention that this is one of my favorite decor and styling work? I really enjoyed the process of sourcing furniture and accessories for this one. Maybe because Scandinavian Interiors are my cup of tea nowadays.

Though still a bit challenging in the Philippines, there are already a lot of furniture pieces available in creating your Scandinavian inspired room.

Interior decoration design studio condominium for students
Interior decoration design studio condominium for students

(Will be writing tips in tricks to design a Scandinavian Inspired Room. will link it here once done)

To start with your planning, check out below for shopping and vendor list.

Foldable Table: IKEA

Dining Table Stools: Furniture Source

Built-In Utility Cabinet/ Storage: Inquire at projectflat209@gmail.com

Single Beds: AllHome

Single Mattresses: Mandaue Foam

Bedside Drawers: IKEA

Duvet and Pillows: SM Home

Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases: IKEA

Built In Floating Desk: Inquire at projectflat209@gmail.com

Study Table Folding Chairs: IKEA

Built In Closet: Inquire at projectflat209@gmail.com

Built In Overhead Cabinet with Sliding Door: Inquire at projectflat209@gmail.com

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