Vlog: 3 Days in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Kopi Joss, Borobudur and more!!!

After our Jakarta Trip with AirAsia Filipino, me and my friend Lee (@ilovepaars) thought of exploring Yogyakarta first before heading back to the Philippines.

I heard a lot about this city and at first I was expecting a very hipster town with their artsy cafe’s (and actually artisan everything) but for the 3 days that we spent exploring around, we experienced more about its culture and history rather than its crafted coffee (well, with the exemption of the famous kopi joss) .

It is one of my longest vlog (yet) as I thought of putting everything in it and not divide it into parts. Let me know what you think about it.

Thank you very much to those who made this trip possible:

AirAsia Filipino – for bringing us to Indonesia

The 101 Yogyakarta Togu (Hotel) – Our hotel during our stay in Yogyakarta

Discover Your Indonesia – For arranging our transport and also booking our batik making class

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More stories on the blog soon.


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16 Responses

  1. That was a great experience you had in Yogyakarta. Though I could not understand the food, can’t pronounce a single name, plus how did you drink that coffee with charcoal? OMG! Places are really beautiful. Your vlog rocks!

  2. Very interesting & well made vlog. You covered all places really well. That charcoal coffee was so weird. We have something similar in India for tea called tandoori chai but they use a filter. Thanks for sharing

  3. I truly love Indonesia — been to the country twice. First in Jakarta and second in Bali. But I have not been to Yogyakarta and I haven’t seen Borobodur. The challenge with archipelagos (like my country, the Philippines) is that it’s usually expensive to go from one island to the other. Sometimes you need to take flights or multiple days on boat.

  4. Love the vlog! I’m really glad you didn’t divide it into two parts – I actually really like the longer length of it. Indonesia looks lovely and I can’t wait for your blog posts and stories on the place!

  5. Very well made and informative vlog about Indonesia. The places are simply gorgeous and I would want to try the batik making class. Being a foodie I want to try their Charcoal coffee, but not sure how would it taste. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

  6. Wow, this is really amazing! I actually saw the video on your Facebook before and drinking the charcoal coffee is somehow weird for me, but I find it very interesting. I would love to try it If I get the chance to fly to Yogyakarta Indonesia soon. You’ve truly immersed yourself to their rich culture. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  7. Never visited Indonesia and your vlog makes me want to go there soon. Love the places explored, the batik making class and most talked about charcoal coffee ! So many amazing experiences to be had !

  8. I definitely want to go to Yogyakarta some day. The temple here is so unique. But I always wondered how many days itinerary should I form and what are some of the other beautiful places around to explore. Thanks to you, now I have got my answers from your article. bookmarking it.

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