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Where Can You Get A Surat Journal?

For those who have been following my Instagram and Facebook (ok, even in Youtube) you already know that I started a hand crafter journal called Surat Journals.

I am so happy to tell everyone that now, instead of getting your orders through our FB page (www.suratjournals.com) you can go directly to our online shop and also a physical shop where you can get our sought after little blank books (both stitched and original blank books).


You can get it online through our online shop at http://www.ideyna.com/shop/surat-journals.html. All journal purchased can be shipped wherever you are in the world.

Surat Journals Ideyna.com market leather paper craft diary travel

Get it at www.Ideyna.com


VISIT OUR SHOP (Physical Shop):

If you fancy our camel leather stitched journals and would love to see and feel it first, you can visit the creative shop at the Alserkal Cultural Foundation, Heritage House in the Bastakiya (Al Fahidi) Compound , Burdubai, Dubai, UAE.

Check the location here: MAP

Surat JOurnal Alserkal Cultural foundation heritage house travel paper craft leather diary

Get it at the Heritage House

With these options, we are so happy that our journals can reach more people and getting one is becoming easier. We are developing other collaborations and we will keep you all updated.

Also don’t forget to follow us at www.instagram.com/suratjournals and www.instagram.com/thetravelingjournalproject






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