Birthday BLOG! What age is a Milestone again?

Last Saturday was my birthday, and reaching this milestone age (cough cough** I am, and will always be 26 in my press release) was the reason why I started to really be active in blogging—in short, pagtumatanda nagiging papansin.

I decided today, that instead of receiving gifts I will be the one giving it away. I love how my business can bless people, even as simple as giving a Surat Mini Blank Book away. I made a Q&A promotion in my facebook page and I got a good number of entries. In the end a girl from India won (she was the only one who gave the answer—worthy winner).

Saturday is church time — I love that I will be leading worship in our church the day of my birthday, what a great way to spend my birthday morning, serving God and be with my spiritual family.

For lunch, we headed straight to a meeting with some of our church leaders, to my surprise they prepared a cake for me and aside from that, we had a very tasty Indian meal. Tandoori chicken and filipinized biryani (mixed with minced beef). Thanks to Auntie Candice, she really made the food Filipino friendly—I think I got 4 servings of biryani


Filipino friendly biryani and chicken tandoori ala Candice 


My first birthday cake. I love the flavor—Honey Cake- I can’t believe that this just came from Spinneys, so it means, it is very affordable. I recommend this for those with picky sweet tooth like me. –thanks to Marlon, Uncle Bernard, Reagan and Auntie Candice——aaawwww.

After the meeting, I went home to prepare for my birthday dinner. I booked a Korean restaurant along Oud Metha Road, which I will make a review in a separate blog. Before heading to the restaurant, I finished and took an appointment for my US Visa application first. Please pray for me. Will update everyone once I’ll get the result (hopefully good news).

I invited my closest friends to join me for my birthday dinner. Because it was in a Korean restaurant, it was only appropriate to get the “Korean room” where everyone will sit on the floor. The only problem was, it can only hold a maximum of 20 people, good thing people arrived in batches so the size of the room didn’t become an issue.


 We enjoyed the meal. The service was superb—> I love that in this restaurant, eventhough serving was very demanding they are still smiling (a lot of hands-on stuff for the waitress—like preparing for the bulgogi and bibimbap). All my guests loved the place and said that will go back there.


The very helpful and cheerful waitress (cho) preparing our bulgogi.


Spicy seafood casserole and honey chicken (this is like bonchon chicken but better)


My dinner bday cake—the rice cake version. They surprised me with this, complete with closed lights pa.

The room was filled with laughter and kaaswangan (our term for teasing people, but with good intention). Being away from home, this is the closest set of people that I can call family, so I couldn’t ask for more.



God truly have blessed me for the past year. There’s nothing compared to His love. and with that,I am truly thankful. I am excited what instore for me this year. I am sure it will be great! 

Have a blessed day everyone!


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