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Cabin Zero Vintage 44L Cabin Sized Bag Review + Giveaway Announcement

As a budget traveler, whenever I travel,  I always carry just a backpack (if I can) because first and foremost, it is easier to move, especially that most of the ‘old’ European cities are big fans of stairs and cobbled streets. It is also a way to avoid queuing at the airport baggage drop off so you can just hop and go. Aside from that, in most budget airlines, you have to purchase your allowance for check-in luggage, which I rather spend in eating local delicacies or paying for a tour.

So it is very fitting when Cabin Zero sent me a 44L Vintage bag to test around. Yes! I am very happy! I got to bring it in my previous trip in the UAE and Hong Kong and I must say it didn’t disappoint.

cabin zero, bag, travel, review, blog, okoban Security

Me and My Cabin Zero at Hong Kong Airport

Here’s a quick run down of what I thought about my Cabin Zero. Also, there is an announcement for a giveaway at the end (yipeee).


I got a gray bag from their 44L Vintage Bag Collection. As most of you might have noticed, I love gray and blue, so a gray one is very fitting for my OOTD ( haha).

I love how stylish it looks. It can pass as a casual bag if not only for its size. There are leather elements around the bag which makes it very trendy aside from the simplicity of the whole design.

You are not limited with this collection. Cabin Zero comes in Vintage (mine), Army, Classic and Camo


cabin zero, bag, travel, review, blog

You can check out more designs in this link.


The size is just perfect to bring inside the plane cabin compartment. Although there is a slim chance you will be asked upon boarding/check point, it is still advisable to check the weight (don’t bring more than your check-in limit if you are flying, just to be safe — airports are now very strict with this, I learned my lesson). The good thing about it, the materials used to make a Cabin Zero Bag are all light weight compared to trolleys and other heavy duty backpacks.

Check out airlines cabin bag allowances here

cabin zero, bag, travel, review, blog

photo c/o @cabinzero

It also has several compartments. The front zip sleeve is useful for items you want to access easily. I placed my books and some paper documents there. Inside, you have 1 net pocket and another horizontal zip pocket where I store random stuff like chargers, wires and pens. You also have a back sleeve for your laptop. The main compartment is generous enough for all your clothes ( I say, roll them up to fit perfectly).

I got to use it as well in carrying some of the stuff (aside from traveling) I need. Such as my Surat Journals and power tools.

What today looks like. Guess @cabinzero aint just for transporting clothes. 🙈🙊❤💼🔧🛠🔨📏📐

A photo posted by Kenneth Ephraim Surat (@kennethsurat) on

Recently I purchased their Cabin Cubes which will help me organize my clothes even more inside my Cabin Zero. I am excited to have them. Will update this post once they arrive.


The bag itself looks very sturdy. From the stitching to its heavy duty lockable zippers. I know a friend who had it checked-in and it survived the whole journey (you know what goes on inside those secret conveyors right?).

What I love about its security features is that, all Cabin Zero bags (including the Cubes) are built with a Global Tracker which is powered by Okoban. This will help you easily locate your bag if it gets lost (which hopefully will not happen).

Check out more information about this through this link

cabin zero, bag, travel, review, blog, okoban Security

photo c/o @cabinzero

cabin zero, bag, travel, review, blog, okoban Security

Dubai International Airport (T3)

All in all I am so happy with my Cabin Zero. I have a lot of friends who also use this bag and everyone like it so far.


Do you want to have your own Cabin Zero?

Because it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH, I am giving away 1 Camo 44L Cabin Zero Bag. Just watch out for this post. I will be updating it on the 9th of February 2017 to activate the GIVEAWAY LINK.

cabin zero, bag, travel, review, blog, iceland

Cabin Zero Classic 44L Camouflage Collection to Giveaway. photo c/o @cabinzero


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!!

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  2. Jasmine Tan

    I was considering to get this when I saw it last year at bangsar village but am concern about the size as I am only 5’2 plus the build of the bag. But after reading your review, I may reconsider again

  3. Iris Lai

    I am a girl who love to travel with convenience! This backpack do just great and my hands will be free to do other things when I roam around!

  4. Ho Siew Yin

    Looking for a cabin bag that can go travel with free and easy way. I read your blog about this cabinzero, and this the one I’m looking for.

  5. Molly

    I’ve been eyeing off one of these backpacks for awhile now! Haven’t taken the plunge yet, but they’re definitely on the top of my list!!

  6. Sophia J.

    Been looking for a lightweight cabin sized bag for awhile now and came across this Cabin Zero, felt that this is the better choice as opposed to those trolley types which are heavy and takes up space!

  7. Sarah

    Travelling entails a lot of planning and work to do, sometimes all you need is just a reliable backpack to give you that convenience in every step of the way. I guess, Cabinzero has mastered that!
    To more travels!

  8. Sara Constante

    I want to win the cabin zero bag because my current suitcase does not fit in the cabin of the plane. I love the design of the bags.

  9. Gideon

    I love the bag and after using it extensively on my travels and more, my son got interested in purchasing one too! This would be a nice opportunity to win one!

  10. Ariel D.

    Hi Kenneth, first of all I want to greet you happy birthday! Appreciate your review on Cabin Zero Vintage 44L, it gave me a very good understanding of the product. I am sure that anyone shopping for a good backpack should read your review, should save them alot of time choosing the right bag for travel or everyday carry. I want to own such a bag and thank you for generously allowing your readers to have a chance to win and share the pride of owning a Cabin Zero bag.

  11. Ang Zhen Wei

    I own one Cabin Zero myself and it was my best purchase ever. I can throw so many things into the bag and tango pass the checkpoints like a boss.

  12. Ema

    I already own one and I can say that this bag is the bomb. I love backpacks and hate dragging a suitcase around as it is terribly inconvenient to not have free hands. Especially when travelling, when you have to hold your passport, your phone with the boarding pass and a bag full of duty free chocolates and parfumes 😀 The reasom why I would love to win another one is that my boyfriend from Pakistan visited me last month and since I am from Europe, we travelled around a bit as you can imagine. it is super easy over here, but super hard in Pakistan so I wanted to use the time to show him around a bit. and during our travels I always lent him my CabinZero. and he loved it so muchand thought it was pretty handy and cool. currently, I am saving money so that I can travel to Pakistan to meet him and so I dont have spare resources to get him something he would like. I usually dont enter giveaways like this but I saw this as a perfect opportunity and so here I am. thanks for this opportunity and for taking the time to read this little rant. 🙂

  13. Amelia Ching

    I have been eyeing for one and hope to get one soon for my 1st backpacking trip to South Korea. Cabinzero fit my itinerary best coz I will be travelling between different cities in South Korea and a trolley bag is too much of a hassle.

  14. MJ Seah

    Good to see another review on CabinZero which strengthen my faith in owning one. I hope to have 1 CabinZero or else, i will be purchasing one when my trip is nearer… anyway, travelling is a passion…

  15. Tan Bee Chin Joyce

    I had been keeping track of this great study durable CabinZero bag that I can get the hands on for myself and my hubby. We love to travel and now with 2more of our young kids our load tend to be much more heavier and seems that we had always have damages on the bags that we carried. After reading your reviews the desire of getting this had reached my maximum desire to own it. Coming is our wedding anniversary and my hubby birthday hope I can surprise to get this for him for our Travelling in March. Thanks for this great reviews on CabinZero.

  16. Lawrence Oen

    I hope to win the bag as I often travel overseas and would need a trusty durable bag and this cabin zero bag just fits the bill amazingly!!! Thanks very much!!

  17. Derick Goh

    Traveling with a light, safe and durable bag is certainly what CabinZero is capable to bring me to allow me to travel efficiently and easily. I love to travel so had been sourcing out for many bags but seemed most are pretty heavy by itself till I pondered across your blog and this had caught my attention to really own it. Hope this can allow me to use it for my travelling soon in March. Thanks and Happy birthday to u!!

  18. Adeline Tan huixiu

    Nice reviews. Cabin Zero bag is so cool and useful for travelling. Having 2 kids, we tend to have more load but Cabin Zero bag is so spacious and can fit in so many stuffs yet need not check in the bag which made travelling so convenient.Love the design, the sturdiness and all features of the bag.

  19. barbwa

    I did a lot of research trying to find the perfect travel backpack and discovered CabinZero – it ticked all the boxes – size, weight, functionality, but for me what really set it apart is the brilliant range of colours and styles I’ve not seen anywhere else. Even the Camo comes in different colours! CabinZero proves that backpacks don’t have to be boring and I can’t wait to own one ASAP.

  20. Andy Neo

    Hoping to win this bag as I have been looking for a trusty bag for soooooo long!! Glad to finally came across your review and came to know of this bag!!!

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