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Architect by profession, designer by passion and a travel blogger by choice. Maker of Surat Journals and #TheTravelingJournaProject, I initially intended to do a fashion blog but realized that my passions are traveling, discovering food and appreciating the wonder of architecture. You can read my travel adventures and some travel tips, food finds and design inspirations in this blog. Email me at Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Free Counter
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It was my first time to see numbers of beautiful tall ships and to see the Statsraad Lehmkuhl up close with its crews singing a sailor chant was really something—-I tried my best to sing-along (pretended to be in a karaoke haha). Hey Ho! Let’s Go! The Tall Ships Races 2014 Bergen

The Tall Ships Races 2014 Bergen, Norway

The Traveling Journal Project Photo of The Day

This is my first attempt for a timelapse (obviously I need to improve a lot, but watching this brings a lot of memories—specially that I got lost  w/o any map on hand in a very beautiful city, COPENHAGEN)

"Copenhagen is known for being a bike city, so I decided to try it myself—-roam around the city on a bike! I must say I really enjoyed the site, the sound and the wind! swooosh!"  #Copenhagen #Denmark

Biking in Copenhagen

A place where history can be seen through its walls. #Berlin, Eastside Gallery.

The Traveling Journal Project Photo of The Day

East Side Gallery Berlin Wall

If you are looking for photos of landscapes, buildings and even souvenirs, for sure you will be disappointed reading this blog. My very first thought of what I will gain when I travel was to visit famous places that I saw in travel books, TV shows and magazines but during my first semi-backpacking travel in China it all changed. I can’t believe that I even got teary eyed leaving Shanghai.

Backpacking (or traveling solo) made me open to the thought of meeting other travelers and spending time with them. Sharing travel tips and experiences over a cup of coffee (or sometimes a bottle of beer or a glass of wine). Walking side by side during free tours and exchanging random thoughts on the building that you just saw and immediately became brothers and sisters from different mothers. I love this feeling and that one hour/one day that you spent together can spark a  life long friendship.

universal studios los angeles hollywood california travel blog travel blogger backpacking treasures

Ingvild,Me, Felix, Andre in Los Angeles (August 2013)

I have been planning to write about my Travel Treasures a few months back but I thought today, writing and posting this cheesy blog is more appropriate because exactly a year ago, I met a group of travelers in Los Angeles who eventually became one of my closest friends to date and the best travel treasures I ever had. (Travel Blog: Day 1 Hollywood Los Angeles California )

After our day trip in Los Angeles we pretty much stayed in touch. The wonders of social media made it easier for us to update one another of the things that are going on with each other. Some of us continued traveling for a few more months while some came back home. It’s amazing how a simple ‘how’s your day?’ goes a long way…and postcards as well. (the power or snail mails!)

This year, I was so happy to visit 3 of my travel best buddies. Felix from Germany and Andre and Ingvild from Norway.  I must say, this has been one of my best travel trips so far  (more about these trips in my future blogs)

 bergen norway travel blog travel blogger backpacking treasures

Andre, Me and Ingvild in Bergen City Center (July 2014)

bergen norway travel blog travel blogger backpacking treasures

Andre, Me and Ingvild at the top of Mt.Ulriken, Bergen (July 2014)

trolltunga norway dubai travel blogger blog travel treasures

Andre and I at the beautiful cliff known as the Trolltunga, Norway (July 2014)

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As I mentioned in my previous blog that this summer I will be traveling again to Europe. Well, I actually just came back  from that trip and I can’t wait to share my experiences and things that I have seen. It was pretty epic for a short trip. I don’t want it to stop (as most of you will surely feel) but now I am back in Dubai to work and start to dream again of where to go next.

paris travel blog arch de triumph travel blogger

I thought before starting to share my awesome trip, I would like to blog a short story of my first Europe trip. let’s call it a Travel Tuesday flashback.

Two years ago, embarking on my first solo trip in Europe was just a dream. I never thought I will be able to do it. Asians (Southeast Asian in particular) are pretty much not the travel westward kinds. We love to travel but because of all visa applications needed we became confined with our little region (which is really beautiful). So, to travel to famous European spots was a dream come true for a guy like me.

My plan was to go to Paris then travel by train to the South of France (Montpelier and Saint Andre de Sangonis), stayed a few days in Barcelona then fly to Italy to visit Florence, Venice and Rome. It was a good plan and a feasible one I must say.

After getting my visa approved (it was surprisingly easy —-but it took a month) I started thoroughly researching about the places I will be visiting. It was a dreadful period. I was so stressed but my motto was “ginusto mo yan kaya panindigan mo” (you wanted this, so live with it). To cut the story short, although I complained a lot with booking trains, planes and hostels (and all connections), I was able to sort everything out and I was ready to hop on the plane and start my first European journey.

eiffel tower travel blog blogger paris trip europe

My first destination was Paris and I was warned that “people there are cold and really a snob, everything is very pricey, be careful of pick pockets and also people doesn’t speak English so I need to learn basic French.”

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